für Assistenzhunde und ihre Menschen

Our self-image

Our mission statement:

If human and assistance dog fit together, this is the basis for a long, successful, satisfied life together. We accompany people on the way to their assistance dog and the dog on the way to a reliable four-legged partner. Our commitment is based on knowledge, empathy and experience.

The basis of what we do:

  1. an appreciative interaction with people, dogs and nature,
  2. careful, competent and successful training of people, dogs and the team,
  3. the (dog-)lifelong support of our teams
  4. The imparting of knowledge on the species-appropriate keeping of the dog, on its health & exercise and on legal requirements,
  5. the education of the public, public institutions and all, confronted with the topic “assistance dog team”,
  6. the willingness to learn, to have new experiences and to always develop ourselves further.

Equal opportunity is not just a word for us. We live diversity and consider applicants for an assistance dog, volunteers and applicants for employment regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle as well as religion, as long as they comply with the legal requirements of the relevant country and are based on voluntariness.

We train people and train assistance dogs, competently, individually and appreciatively.