für Assistenzhunde und ihre Menschen

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Hund mit Geldschein im Mund

Leonard: an "almost normal" boy despite autism and epilepsy

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About the projects:

An animal friend and lifesaver for children and young people with disabilities or chronic illness….

This remains a pipe dream for many families. An assistance dog is specially trained to meet the needs of the family. 6000 training hours are the norm rather than the exception…. plus purchase, health check, feed, tax, insurance… during the two-year training.

Quickly 25,000 €uro or even more came together: hardly to create for a family with “special” child / adolescent.

Therefore, we would like to continue to collect donations, train assistance dogs and thus make it possible for families to have an assistance dog with a lower personal contribution.

We THANK YOU very much for your willingness to support us and our work!

We ask for monetary donations to be transferred to our account at the

Sparkasse KölnBonn –

Donation account: 1934072479

IBAN: DE04 3705 0198 1934 0724 79 – BIC: COLSDE33XXX

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Donations in kind are requested to our office:

Helping Paws e.V.

Küsters office,

To the Peace Church 27,

51491 Overath

Tel: 02204-4807877 OR 0228-967 790 82

eMail: kontakt@helfende-pfoten.de


Would you like a donation receipt? Please send us an email or fax with your name and address. As soon as we have received your donation, we will be happy to provide you with a receipt!

For SHARE DONATIONS, please provide us with the following info:

O According to the information provided by the donor, the non-cash benefit originates from the business assets. The grant was valued at the lower of the value of the withdrawal (if applicable, the fair market value) and the value-added tax attributable to the withdrawal.

O According to the information provided by the donor, the non-cash benefit originates from private assets.

O Suitable documents that have served to determine the value, e.g. invoice, expert opinion, are available.