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Tobias smiles at the cameraTobias has become a young man in the meantime and “his” Sarah has accompanied him on this way during the last years. But now it is slowly time to select and train a successor for Sarah: a new assistance dog for autism and epilepsy.

The requirements have by and large remained the same: Provide structure in everyday life, warn of dangers (e.g.: cars, cyclists), be there and calm down after a seizure, relieve the parents in the care,… because although Tobias is now of age, he needs constant supervision and guidance.

We know that sometimes it can take a little time to gather the needed donations. Therefore, we prefer to start collecting earlier. as long as Sarah can still support us with the training.

Please send donations for Tobias and his assistance dog with the reference: Tobias to the following account

Helfende Pfoten e.V. for assistance dogs & their humans

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