for assistance dogs and their humans

Welcome to Assistenzhunde Helfende Pfoten gGmbH

Our mission

We want to see children’s eyes light up with an assistance dog by their side as a friend, partner and helper. At the same time, the children’s eyes are sometimes a little older: the Helfende Pfoten train mainly for children and young people with a disability. However, some dogs show during training that they would prefer to live with an adult human. Therefore, every now and then we also accompany a (young) adult on the way to becoming an assistance dog team.

Our motivation

… is based on our history:

The assistance dogs Helfende Pfoten gGmbH, short Helfende Pfoten / organization exists since May 2023. Emerged from the merger of Helfende Pfoten e.V. Verein für Assistenzhunde & ihre Menschen and Gut Paulshof Assistenzhunde GbR The organization was founded by 7 dedicated people who are all somehow involved with assistance dogs and assistance dog teams. The idea was to help people with a disability to finance an assistance dog, to train young dogs to become assistance dogs and to provide advice to all those affected by the issue of assistance dogs. From the very beginning, the focus was on diversity and openness to different ways of life as well as high quality education. Helfende Pfoten has remained true to this principle to this day.


Since the end of 2020we are “CANDIDATE of ASSISTANCE DOGS INTERNATIONAL (ADI / ADEu)”.

We are pleased to have reached this milestone and to be able to ensure recognized high standards for our teams in the future.

Candidate means: We have convinced the board of the world’s leading assistance dog organization that we are a good candidate for membership. Now it is a matter of proving oneself for another three to five years in order to be able to achieve “full membership”.


There are still many teams that have not gotten their fundraising totals together. We have already developed various models that can reduce the cost of an assistance dog, but anyone who has such a faithful companion themselves knows that a lot of work is required to have a reliable working dog by your side and this work must be paid for. Over the cost of the puppy, food, supplies, vet checks, socialization in the foster family, basic training, specialized training, to the final exam, it adds up to quite a bit.