für Assistenzhunde und ihre Menschen

Welcome to Helfende Pfoten e.V. for assistance dogs and their humans

Our mission

With the foundation of the association Helfende Pfoten e.V. we have managed to help people with illnesses who are not financially strong to raise money for their dream of an assistance dog. The path of financing an assistance dog is not an easy one, but it is worth it.

Our motivation

Seven people from the Rhineland have joined together in our association as founding members: seven who are concerned with the topic of assistance dogs from the most diverse perspectives:

as trainers, as relatives and as affected persons.

We are very happy about the different points of view and also consciously promote this diversity. Those who know us know that we have dedicated ourselves to the field of assistance dogs with full commitment and a lot of heart.


Since the end of 2020, Helfenden Pfoten e.V. is “CANDIDATE of ASSISTANCE DOGS INTERNATIONAL (ADI / ADEu)”.

We are pleased to have reached this milestone and to be able to ensure recognized high standards for our teams in the future.

Candidate means: We have convinced the board of the world’s leading assistance dog organization that we are a good candidate for membership. Now it is a matter of proving oneself for another two years in order to be able to achieve “full membership”.


There are still many teams that have not gotten their fundraising totals together. We have already developed various models that can reduce the cost of an assistance dog, but anyone who has such a faithful companion themselves knows that a lot of work is required to have a reliable working dog by your side and this work must be paid for. Over the cost of the puppy, food, supplies, vet checks, socialization in the foster family, basic training, specialized training, to the final exam, it adds up to quite a bit.

Become a member

Our association is gladly open to interested people, also and especially if they want to deal intensively with the topic “living with an assistance dog”. If your (time) capacities are limited, we would be pleased about a supporting membership. In this way, they show that the topic is close to their hearts, support people with limited financial means and make the careful training of an assistance dog and of course our work possible with their sponsorship contribution.

Of course we are registered in the register of associations of the district court of Cologne (No.: 19562) and have the recognition of the pursuit of “exclusively and directly charitable, benevolent or ecclesiastical purposes (tax-privileged purposes) …” from the tax office Bergisch Gladbach. Thus, we are allowed to issue “donation receipts and your donation is used exclusively for the purpose of the association. Since the entire board is volunteers, we are currently able to give 95% of the donations we receive directly to our projects. 5% of the donations are needed for expenses like liability insurance, bank fees, tax advisor,…. needed.