for assistance dogs and their humans

Welcome to Helfende Pfoten e.V. for assistance dogs and their humans

To provide young people with a disability with an assistance dog, to give them a bit of independence and a bit of normality… that is our goal. We would also like to make it possible for children and families who cannot (completely) cover the costs for an assistance dog from their own funds to have such a specially trained dog.

Who we are

About us

With the foundation of the association Helfende Pfoten e.V. we have managed to help people with illnesses who are not financially strong to raise money for their dream of an assistance dog.

Sponsor family

People who enjoy helping a puppy / young dog get started on a great future. People who already have dog experience, time and fun to experience a lot with the young dog.

Assistance dog

Many questions reach us about how the process is from the request to the moving in of the dog or even to its retirement. Therefore, we have decided to outline the process here.