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Kai with an assistance dog

At first glance, Kai is an active and intelligent youthful person. But, Kai lives on the autism spectrum – this often severely limits him. Thus, meetings with friends and hobbies are often not possible at all. When running errands or going to appointments, escorts are always needed and unfortunately even then it is burdensome. Especially with the lockdown in the Corona pandemic, Kai’s personal situation has become even more difficult and often lacks the courage and drive to take action. The entire family has decided to have an assistance dog trained for Kai to provide suitable support here.

An assistance dog provides great help due to the specific training and compensates for Kai’s disability, for example, by providing support in the event of overstimulation and excessive demands in everyday life. It is a problem that many autistic people have, but it is often difficult for many people to understand. The dog should not only be a play partner, but trained to help. It is supposed to shield Kai from other people, it is supposed to keep contact in difficult situations and signal stimulus overload. After all, Kai still has something to do in life…. graduate from high school, then study and grow up with a loyal and well-educated friend by your side.

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