for assistance dogs and their humans


Helfende Pfoten e.V. Verein für Assistenzhunde und ihre Menschen, in short Helfende Pfoten e.V., is a non-profit recognized association that trains dogs as assistance dogs for people with disabilities and trains human-assistance dog communities in everyday life. Transparency is important to us, so we make the following easily accessible on our website.

Transparency declaration

1. name, registered office, address and year of foundation

Helfende Pfoten e.V. Association for Assistance Dogs and their People

  • The club is located in Overath
  • Address: c/ o Küsters, Kirchweg 27, 51491 Overath
  • Association founded on 03.09.2017 and since 25.01.2018 registered in the register of associations at the district court of Cologne under the number 19562.
  • The association is abbreviated to “Helfende Pfoten e.V.”.

2. amendment of the articles of association

The current statutes can be downloaded here (download document).

More about the association you can find here (link to About us)

3. information on the tax benefit

  • Name of the tax office: Bergisch Gladbach tax office
  • Tax number: 204/5805/0670
  • Exempt from : Corporation tax and trade tax (pursuant to Section 5 (1) No. 9 KStG in conjunction with Section 3 No. 6 GewStG) due to promotion of aid for civilian victims and disabled persons (pursuant to Section 52 (2) Sentence 1 No. 10 AO).
  • Date of issue: 31.08.2022
  • Veranlagungszeitraum: 2019-2021

4. name and function of key decision-makers

The general meeting is the highest organ of the association. Its tasks include, in particular, the election and deselection of the Board of Directors, discharge of the Board of Directors, acceptance of the reports of the Board of Directors, election of the cash auditors, determination of contributions and their due dates, passing of resolutions on amendments to the Articles of Association, passing of resolutions on the dissolution of the Association, decision on the admission and exclusion of members in cases of appeal, as well as other tasks, insofar as these arise from the Articles of Association or by law.

The tasks of the general meeting include the passing of resolutions on motions (e.g. amendments to the articles of association) and the approval of rules of procedure as well as the discharge of the executive board.

The general meeting elects the executive board from among its members (according to “26 Abs. 1 BGB).

The board of Helfende Pfoten e.V. Verein für Assistenzhunde und ihre Menschen consists of the 1st chairperson, the treasurer and the secretary. They represent the association judicially and extrajudicially. Two members of the Board of Management each represent the company jointly.

You can meet the current board here (link to board). You can contact the board here (link to contact form or the respective mail addresses).

6. personnel structure

Volunteering: Helfende Pfoten e.V. realizes its project goals mainly through volunteer work.

  • the board of directors works on a voluntary basis
  • A varying number of volunteers (members and non-members of the association) are involved in projects, sponsorship programs and the realization of association activities (e.g. events).
  • Over the course of the association year, an average of 10 people are involved.

Full-time employees

  • As of 01.01.2023, a part-time dog trainer with 8 hours per week has been hired for dog training.
  • As of 01.01.2023, a part-time office worker is employed for the administration with an hourly scope of 8 hours per week.

Honorary staff

  • Depending on demand, a varying number of 0 – 3 dog trainers are employed as honorary staff. These are remunerated against invoicing according to the hours provided.
  • In addition, honorary staff are employed for tasks that the volunteers cannot handle (e.g. homepage support, tax or legal activities).

7. source of funds and 8. appropriation of funds

We have compiled information on the source and application of funds in the overview of income and expenditure. You can find the EAÜ here (link to the document)

9. social affiliation with third parties

Helfende Pfoten e.V. Association for Assistance Dogs and their People

  • has no subsidiary
  • holds no shares in other companies
  • Is not continuously sponsored by any company

Since April 2021, a foundation exists for the benefit of Helfende Pfoten e.V. Verein für Assistenzhunde und ihre Menschen at the Stiftergemeinschaft der Sparkasse Vorderpfalz. The Foundation’s website can be reached at:

There is no legal personal affiliation with other organizations.

In the Helfende Pfoten e.V. association for assistance dogs and their humans only natural persons are members. There are no other sub-organizations.

10. benefits exceeding 10% of annual income:

Year 2020: no single donation

Year 2021: € 7,361.93 Kinder unterm Regenbogen gGmbH